Adventure Cycling To The Rescue

The Australian government is currently spending $22 million to support organisations that help older adults keep active. Why? Because staying active is a key part of having a healthy and happy retirement. The active life after the working years gets better and better, allowing you to keep active and engaged in your world and community now you’ve got time to enjoy the incredible adventures that your age offers. Now is a great time to get into cycling adventures that you didn’t have time for in your youth.

Cycling Is A Fun, Easy-On-The-Knees Physical Activity

The most obvious aspect of cycling adventures is that they keep you active and moving, no matter your age. Because bicycling is a low-impact sport, it’s not as hard on the knees as you might expect, either. Of course, you have to have your bike seat adjusted to the right height and have some leg strength to successfully ride your way to health. Just be sure to consult your physician first before starting any kind of exercise regimen. You can start out small with nearby cycles in neighbouring counties as you get your cycling legs back. If you’ve kept active throughout your working years, you should be able to get right out there. But even if you haven’t, cycling is safe and easy for most folks to get back into in their later years. Be sure to plan each trip based on your current riding level, and slowly add in miles while you train. Once you’ve managed a single long ride of 20 miles or more, you’re ready to tackle the region. Then you can expand out to a tour of a single country, or even an entire continent. It just depends on where you want to go.

New Skills Keep The Brain Active And Engaged

If you’re already a cycling enthusiast, you know the how-tos, but if it’s been a while, you’re probably going to want to learn some new skills to keep your bike in shape. Find some classes, watch some Youtube videos, and find other tutorials that teach you basic bicycle maintenance. You’ll want to learn how to change tyres, patch inner tubes, adjust bike seats, and oil the gears. These skills keep your brain engaged as you learn, but they also serve to keep you independent and safe on your cycling adventures. Senior centres, bike shops, and cycling clubs might all offer classes if you need a more hands-on approach to learning.

Deepen Friendships And Meet New People

When you do adventure cycling, you’ll meet folks in the groups you travel with, as well as along your adventures wherever you go. You can join a cycling club that already meets weekly or bi-monthly, or you can get some existing friends on board. You can look for cycling tour groups that do this sort of thing, or you can plan one and invite your friends and neighbours to join you. Cycling clubs are especially great for meeting new people once you’ve retired. They’re a great way to keep active, but they’re also great for helping you keep accountable in getting out there and riding, especially when you’re just not feeling it.

Cycling Makes Travel More Affordable

Adventure cycling also helps to make travel more affordable for people who’ve got the time, no matter where you want to go in the world. Let’s say you’ve always wanted to travel Germany but your finances have never permitted it. If you train at home and then grab a plane and buy a functional bike in Heidelberg, you can take off for a month of riding from place to place along the Rhine.

The best part is that you really can do just about anything you want while cycling the world. That hard work you’ve done your whole life to save is now going to help you travel while keeping you active, because you can afford to take some extra time on your cycling adventures.

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