We’ll happily consider sponsors and/or partnerships with companies that share the same values as us.

Why sponsor us?

  • Reviews and feedback on gear (approved by the company, before posting online).*
  • We will test your gear to the extremes. Snow storms, hail, sun exposure, humidity – you name it, we’ll be experiencing it. It’s a great opportunity to test out new gear and get some constructive feedback. Check out some of our gear reviews here.
  • Long term exposure on our site (our cycle trip is a 5+ years trip).
  • Exposure on our social media sites (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube – just to name a few).
  • Local, as well as global exposure (this can include media photos to use for company advertising purposes). Check out some of the media we’ve already received.
  • Your gear and company name, displayed and exposed around the world.
  • Personal video from our cycle tour, mentioning your gear/company.*
  • Personal email updates and photos from the cycle tour.*


Get in touch at info@cycletrekkers.com to find out what else we can offer in return for your sponsorship.

We are also looking for eco friendly businesses along our cycle route, which are willing to share some tips and secrets on running an eco-business. If you own, or you know of a green business that would like to help out, please get in touch. In return for your/their help, we will provide exposure on our site and through social media. Examples of the type of “exposure articles” we can write, can be found here and here.

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