Top Gadgets a Cyclist needs to have Tons of Fun

Do you love cycling? Well, there’s a way you can love it more, even if that’s hard to believe. If you get some top gadgets that are, for good reason, all the craze now, you can raise your fun level incrementally. Don’t know what to choose? Read on.

Front light

Cycling in the dark is a great experience. And it’s amazing because at night everything looks different, the streets are quieter, and the world gets an eerie look. Or you might just be getting late off work, and you still want to ride your bike home. So a front light can be great for fun, but also practical for those awesome night rides.


With the best helmet cam you can find, you’ll be guaranteed lots of fun. Now you won’t have to stop every five minutes to take amazing outdoor photos. Besides, it will prove a great entertainment even when you get home and you look at everything you caught on tape. And there’s nothing better than original snapshots that actually capture true bits of life.

Smart lock

How can you enjoy yourself if you’re always worried that someone might steal your bike? Well, a smart lock takes care of that issue. And we’re not talking about an ordinary chain that can easily be cut, without you even knowing it.

But if someone tries to break it, it will immediately start a very powerful alarm, while you’ll be sent a message. And even if the thief gets away with it, there’s a built-in geolocator that will tell you the exact position. This feature can also be amazing if you don’t remember where you parked your bike before a fun night out.

Smart pedal

Everything is smart these days, so why not the pedals too? These babies come with their own GPS, so once you get moving, the GPS will begin recording your journey. That’s great if you want to use cycling for fitness, particularly because you’ll get a better idea of your speed and elevation.

You can also get an app to use along with this kind of thing, which is amazing because you can control it remotely, without bringing your phone along. And don’t forget that this pedal is so smart, it doesn’t even need a battery to work, as it can generate its own energy.

Turn signal gloves

If this isn’t the mother of all bike gadgets, we don’t know what is. Speaking of safe fun, you’ll need to use the turn signals so you can let other cyclists and drivers know where you’re headed, right? So there’s no easier way than using gloves which can light up with an easy touch. That’s perfect for those night joy rides, but can even be used during the day.

Portable generator

That’s not for charging your bike, but instead, it uses the kinetic energy produced by cycling to charge your other gadgets. This is very useful when you’re going on prolonged cycling trips, and you still want to pack light enough so you won’t be destabilized by a heavy backpack. So instead of carrying a phone charger with you, you can easily get a bike charger that’s placed on the rear hub so it can charge with energy directly from the wheel.

Boombox speakers

If you love listening to music while you’re cycling, but you’re still afraid of some accident that might happen, you should get a speaker. There are box-shaped speakers that look like a water bottle, which can easily be hanged to your backpack. The best of them are waterproof and resistant to impacts, and since they can be confused with a water bottle, no one will know where the cool music stems from.

Hammerhead navigation

If you don’t want to lose time using a map or a GPS, and if that Siri-like voice really annoys you, then a smart navigation system is all you need to get you to your dream destination. This device is easy to use, it goes right on your handlebar and uses a phone app to tell you where to go. Don’t forget the awesome LED that helps with poor light too.

Friction drive

How can you get through awful, rocky terrain if you don’t have a mountain bike? If you still want to use your own in lieu of that, you need a friction drive that can easily be set up to your back wheel. That helps you with those mountain roads that combine forest trails with paved paths. Basically, you’ll be getting a rubber cover for your wheel, which you can also use if you want to show off at home with cool moves.

Bike trailer

This isn’t a gadget per se, but it’s amazing for those cycling trips that last for days at a time. And since it’s impractical to put all your stuff into a backpack, then you might use this sort of trailer. The best models on the market don’t weigh much, they’re water-resistant and scratch-proof, so you can easily use them in different terrains. Will it slow down your game? Sure, but it will be totally worth it to bring a piece of home comfort.

Foldable helmet

Yes, you can actually get one of those. That’s not technically for having fun on your bike, but more likely when you get off your bike. Say you want to go on a sightseeing tour and pedal your way along magnificent views, but you still want to stop once in a while to visit a museum or drink a cup of coffee. Now, carrying your helmet might really be uncomfortable, so folding it up in a tight little pack and stuffing it in your backpack is a dream come true.


Do you love asphalt painting as much as you love cycling? There is a way to combine these two, and that’s by using a Chalktrail. This device is mounted on the rear end of your bike, leaving colorful trails on the sidewalk, so you can actually paint with your bike, which is amazing for kids and grown-ups too.

With so many awesome gadgets to choose from, we’re curious what you’ll pick. Do you already have one of these? Leave us a comment below.


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