Would You Adopt These Bicycle Innovations?

There are more than two billion bikes in use globally and by 2050, the number is expected to increase to five billion. The bicycle is an economic, comfortable, and healthy way of mobility. Industry experts are constantly rethinking how to make the bicycle more exciting and safer for the rider developing bicycles that integrate the needs of daily users. Gone are the days when innovative bicycles are reserved for the professional riders. Today, it is possible to get your hands on a bike that offers everything – performance, comfort, security, and even good looks.

Custom Bikes and Cargo Bikes

Whether you’re aiming to transport cargo, go off road or cycle on urban roads, this year’s trends in bicycles have something for everyone. Customized bikes, for example, offer a ride that’s tailored to your body and personal preferences. Your body is scanned to find the perfect sitting position and frame size. A software then connects you to a large data base of bicycle models that you can choose from.

Incorrectly-sized bikes can cause physical discomfort such as back and wrist pain and fatigue. Plus, your chances for crashes are higher if you don’t have complete control of a bicycle because it’s too big or small for your body shape and size.

Cargo bikes are also well-liked with the purpose of transporting humans and freight in a sustainable way. For example, Wike bikes are cleverly transformed from a family bike into a baby stroller. The German start-up, Muli-Cycles, offers a cargo bike that can easily hold a child or shopping basket.

Bicycle Safety is the New Buzzword

Safety has always been an important consideration when cycling and this year, it has even become more pronounced. For adventure lovers, gravel bikes open many possibilities. They let you discover remote areas and bike packing, short or long distances, has never been easier. Built for comfort and safety, gravel bikes are fitted with dropped handlebars, disc brakes, aerodynamics, and wider tires. Frames are variable and can be made of steel, carbon, aluminum or titanium plate with each material offering different advantages.

Smart gadgets and devices also play an important role in safety. Helmets fitted with navigational devices using Bluetooth allow you to communicate with fellow riders while a smartphone app provides ongoing updates of tire pressure.  A much-awaited innovation is the Norwegian TriEye glasses. This pair of glasses is equipped with a rear-view mirror like what you have in cars. There’s no need to turn your head to see traffic from behind. All you need to do is to wear the glasses and you’ll have good visibility while riding.

Electric Road Bikes Move Further into Mainstream

Green bikes are making the headline not only because they are eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. Electric bikes also offer something for everyone from riders on an office commute to cyclists on a racing circuit. Better handling and performance, enhanced safety, and efficiency are the main challenges of manufacturers who aim to capture a wider segment of the market.

New innovations in the bicycle industry are exciting and cover a broader base of cyclists. Today’s bicycles are outfitted with better safety, performance, and high-tech features attracting different types of riders.

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