I was asked to review the Ruzer ‘Neutron Mini Blast’ pump at a very convenient time for me as I was in the market for a nice compact trail pump to take on bikepacking and mtb outings that wasn’t going to weigh me down and take up much space on my bike or in my bags….this most definitely fit the bill!

My topeak mini morph pump is great and very practical for commuting and longer tours, but for overnighters and quick blasts around the local woods on my trail bike I felt like it was overkill and needed (wanted) something even smaller and more discreet, but I got even more than that with this mighty little pump!

Full disclosure, the Ruzer team sent this bad boy to me to test and keep after reviewing, I always try and be honest in my reviews so if anything isn’t up to scratch I would actually point it out in the review though.


Length (closed) 17cm  (6.9”) 

Length (fully extended) 27cm (10.6”) 

Weight 95g (3.35 oz.)

Max PSI 230

Valve type Presta/Schrader/Dunlop

A mighty powerful pump for it’s palm sized proportions!


  • Extremely light 
  • Streamlined so no hose or anything sticking out to snag 
  • Metal construction feels very durable and sturdy 
  • Super easy to switch between Schrader and presta 
  • Surprisingly powerful!
  • Very short so easily fits in jersey pocket or top tube bag
  • Comes with lightweight well designed attachment bracket
  • Solid metal locking mechanism for attaching to valve
  • Very discreet in all black wouldn’t stand out on your frame


  • Small size means slightly awkward to grip when pumping
  • Rubber seal to hold handle in place tends to slip away from handle slightly
  • May make a rattling noise on bumps from metal valve locking mechanism 


I was very impressed by the look of the Ruzer Neutron mini blast when I took it out of the package; it looks and feels satisfyingly solid for such a tiny pump. It’s super light but the weight feels just right, not like some plastic mini pumps or even other aluminum pumps that feel flimsy as if they’re going to fall apart in your hands at the first use.

It is very sleek and low profile and wouldn’t mess up the look of your bike if you choose to attach it to the frame with the provided bracket. Because it is such a sleek and simple design it would also slip perfectly into a jersey pocket and be easily retrieved without the risk of a hose snagging in the pocket.

I carried the Ruzer Neutron Mini Blast around on my commute to work and tried it in several different spots, each of which it fit without a battle to squeeze it into which was nice for a change. Easily slipped into the top mesh pocket of my Blackburn top tube bag, into my alpkit stem cell bag and when trail riding it disappeared into my Dakine backpack’s built in pump pocket. Very satisfied with how versatile it is and would feel confident taking it out on longer rides.

When I first received it I thought it would be a great emergency pump for trails and day rides, but due to the small size didn’t think it would really be powerful enough to take on extended bikepacking trips, but that changed when I had to fix a flat on my bikepacking rig that I have been using to commute to work recently. 

My genesis longitude is currently set up with 2.8’ onza canis tyres on WTB 27.5 scraper rims which I have found an absolute nightmare to get tyres on and off of and even getting them to seat properly has taken some pretty vigorous pumping to use the inner tube to push the tyre back into place after installing. I didn’t hold much hope that the Ruzer Neutron mini would have the pumping power to shift the tyre back into place on the insanely tight scraper rims….but I was wrong! The little Ruzer handled it with no issues at all, if anything I actually found it easier than using my topeak mini pump and my larger unbranded pump that has a flip out foot stand and handle that can fold out to get more grip. This was a big plus for me and changed the way I thought about it as I could now see it as a very viable option for bikepacking as I felt confident that I could be out in the middle of nowhere and it would have what it takes to give me any pressure I needed to force a tyre to sit on the rim properly. 

I had strong doubts a pump this size could get these beefy tyres to seat properly, but it did the trick no worries!

Cool!! A tiny pump that actually has some guts!!

My only quibble with the pump is due to it’s petite size it can be a bit awkward gripping it when pumping, but this is true for pretty much all pumps of this size so you kind of have to expect it for any pump of these tiny proportions. The flipside of this is that because it actually has efficient pumping power it can get the job done surprisingly quickly so you won’t actually be holding it for too long…unless you own a tricycle and get 3 flats at once I guess.


I have only been trying the Ruzer Neutron mini blast out for a couple of weeks so I can’t speak too much about the long term durability of this little fella, but everything does feel well constructed and solid. One of the most impressive features would have to be the solid metal valve connecter that screws into the head and is reversible depending if you’re using Schrader or presta. Some other dual use pumps seem to use fiddly little rubber adaptors that you have to pry out and flip around and hope you don’t drop it in long grass or mud and lose when you trying to use it on the trail so I was quite happy to see this solid metal one piece construction of the adaptor. I was also very impressed with how quick and easy it is to unscrew the head and change what valve type you need.


There is definitely a lot more to this pump than I was expecting. I kind of had it in my head that it would arrive and be something that would be decent for an emergency trail pump mountain biking or good for a road ride where you’re trying to keep weight down, but maybe not as a ‘serious’ pump for longer trips or commuting. I was wrong though and I’m happy about it!

This will now be my go to pump for all types of riding, but particularly for my bikepacking adventures (if I get off my arse and organize one soon) as it is so tiny I will always be able to find a gap somewhere in my gear to squeeze it in, but can also feel confident that if I need it, it actually has what it takes to stand up to the rigors of a bike tour.

The pump is a available at

5 Reasons To Cycle Around The Globe

Cycle around the globe

Although cycling may not be the instant go-to form of transportation that the majority of people tend to think about when they consider trotting the globe, it certainly should be. By cycling, you don’t miss out on your journey as you’re ever-present and exposed to the elements, surroundings and adventure continuously.

If you need a push to get you on your bike and around the world, here are 6 reasons you should do it.

Cycle For Charity

If you seek adventure and you want to help those who are less fortunate than you, you may wish to enrol on to one of the many Global Adventure Challenges to raise money for charity. Whether you want to experience South East Asia and ride from Vietnam to Cambodia or cycle across Costa Rica from the Pacific to the Caribbean, you are sure to find a journey you would live to be a part of.

Cost Effective

Apart from purchasing the bike, and maybe paying for a few repairs here and there, (some of which you can learn to do yourself before your journey), the bike is powered solely by you, thus no requirement for fuel or costly repairs in comparison to driving or flying to a set destination. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of money on travel, your bike is the perfect pair of wheels to carry you around the globe.

Health Benefits

No matter where you cycle, be it the local shop, the next town or to another country, the health benefits are always present as you cycle. As a low impact exercise, riding your bike is kinder to your joints, it’s great cardiovascular exercise, and it also decreases your stress levels. The same probably can’t be said for sitting in a car or travelling on an aeroplane, which is why you should choose your bike for travelling to reap the health benefits.

The Environment

If you’re conscientious about the environment, you already know the damaging affects pollution from other transport has on global warming. Protecting the planet is vital, and it starts with you. By making a choice to travel by bike, you are making a decision to reduce your carbon footprint and be kinder to the world.

Feel Accomplished

How many people can say that have travelled by bike from one country to another? Not very many at all. Cycling to different destinations is an exciting and different way to travel in comparison to other peoples transport options, for that you can feel a sense of accomplishment. Of course don’t forget that every path you meet whether it be mountain trails or national parks will not be smooth and without its bumps and hills, causing you to really put some effort in and push yourself from time to time to overcome a tricky route. However, once you’re over the hill, you will feel a sense of satisfaction and confidence to take on more cycling challenges.

This is a list of just a few reasons why you should embark on your travels with your bike. So what are you waiting for?

3 Bike-Friendly Cities to Visit

Bicycle friendly cities to visit

Many of you know all about our long distance bike trip (how has it been a year since we finished?) and you’ve probably guessed from the blog name that we’re all about the two wheels. So, we think we’re pretty knowledgeable when it comes to what makes a city bike-friendly!

For example, a place with accessible public transport is a bonus, so it pays to do your research before booking somewhere. A lot of places will be able to tell you if they have anything in place for those in wheelchairs, so this should give you some idea of how easy it will be to wheel your bike around.

Seeing the world or a new city via bike is such a great option, as it keeps you active and reduces your carbon footprint. Here are three of the best cities to do this in.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Often considered the most bike-friendly city in the world, there are around 242 miles of bike lanes around the city, as well as a Cycle Super Highway which runs from Copenhagen to Albertslund. Just like a car highway, has amenities on the route such as air pumps, as well as specialised traffic lights that are geared up to the average cycling speed.

There is so much to see and do in Copenhagen, from The Little Mermaid sculpture to Tivoli Gardens theme park, and Amalienborg, the Queen’s winter residence. You will want to bike between them all to make the most of this fantastic city.

I’ll be in Copenhagen in a couple of weeks, before heading off to Greenland to run the Polar Marathon. I’ll be sure to pop on a bike while I’m there, and explore the city.

cycling in cities
Amsterdam: Source

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

One of the iconic things about Amsterdam is the number of bikes that are whizzing around the city at any one time. Almost 60% of the population cycle every single day, and cyclists have a free-for-all in this city, in that they are able to ride almost anywhere.

There aren’t any special infrastructures for cycling as there are in Copenhagen, so things are a little rougher and harder to keep up with if you are a novice tourist rider. However, Vondelpark is a beautiful place to cycle around and get your bearings until you feel a bit braver and want to cycle across the city.

It’s true what they say, bikes in Amsterdam will stop for no one, so it’s important to be really aware of others around you, whether you’re a cyclist or a pedestrian.

Top Gadgets a Cyclist needs, brodie green bicycle circuit
My sexy green bike!

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Another win for The Netherlands. Utrecht has been working particularly hard over the past few years as part of a project called “Utrecht Attractive and Accessible”. This flagship project boasts an incredible 12,500 bike parking facility which is the largest in the world, and by 2020 the government hopes to have doubled the capacity.

Again, they are placing infrastructure specific to cyclists across the city in a bid to encourage more locals to choose a bike as their preferred form of transportation, but it’s clearly working as the numbers are soaring!

There are so many cities that are good for bike-riders, but these are three of the best, worked out by the Copenhagenize Design Company index. Each city is judged on 14 different categories and they can earn between 0-4 points in each of them, as well as a bonus of up to 12 points if there is anything a city has done that is particularly impressive.

The index is updated every year which is interesting as it allows cities to see whether they have moved up or down — for example, this year Utrecht has overtaken Amsterdam for the number two spot, so Copenhagen should keep working hard to stay at the top!

Have you been to any of these cities? What do you think about their bike-friendliness? Let us know in the comments.