Yoga for Cyclists

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m a long distance cyclist, endurance runner, bat ecologist and yoga teacher. I’ve added some yoga for cyclists sequences, stretches and resources to help prepare your body for a cycle tour, prevent injury whilst on tour, and help recovery after a tour (or even just a long day in the saddle).

Though I’ll be specifically designing these resources with cycle tourists in mind, they will also benefit anyone who rides a bike, no matter the experience or distance.

Why Yoga?

I was a cyclist long before I became a yoga teacher, and I’ve definitely had my fair share of cycle-related injuries, pains and sores. I’ve used yoga to help prepare my body for the increased mileage during a cycle tour, as well as on a cycle tour to help with recovery and after a tour, to help increase range of motion.

Yoga has really helped bring balance to my life – as you’ve probably guessed, I’m quite an active person and I find it hard to stay still. Yoga helps me to stay grounded and gives me focus.

It also helps me physically – from long distance running and cycling I have quite tight hamstrings, hip flexors, hip rotators and calves. Tightness in these areas can really start to impact on the lower back, creating lower back pain, and can impact on the alignment of the pelvis and hips. Yoga helps to lengthen these tight muscles, reducing the impact in the lower back region.

Yoga Resources

I’ve added some Yoga for Cyclists videos on our YouTube channel – please subscribe to the channel if you want to keep in the loop!

New to yoga? Want some help getting started? Check out some of the beginner yoga resources I have available on my website, Yoga with Kelly.

Before attempting any classes please take a minute to read through the ‘Yoga with Kelly’ disclaimer.

Yoga for Cyclist Course

To get you started, I’ve created a Yoga for Cyclist course.

The course includes:

  • The benefits of yoga for cyclists
  • A full length yoga for cyclist class
  • A post ride sequence
  • 4 stretches that can help improve your cycling and why.
  • Downloadable classes, lectures and PDFs, so even if you’re on the move (maybe on your future cycle tour) you’ll be able to access these classes – anytime, anywhere.

If you would like to sign up for this course, you can do so here.

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