Resources for Cycle Touring

This is a list of some of the most helpful resources we’ve used during our travels and research. This list is a working progress, and will update as we are cycling. You may also find some of our cycle touring tip articles useful in planning for your trip.

Setting off on a cycle trip for the first time can be a daunting and scary prospect. Where will I sleep? What if my bike falls apart? Where will I get water? Am I going to freeze? What if I’m attacked by meth addicted sea otters? Who will mourn my death? Does Jesus own a bike? Can he ride it on water?

All these questions and more pop into your head when you’re planning a bike trip and sometimes it can seem like a truly impossible task. The thought of riding a bicycle across multiple countries and carrying all your possessions on a piece of metal between your legs with two wheels on it.

Fear not gentle reader. I had all these fears and more before our trip from France to China and quickly learned to overcome them through use of positive thinking, yoga and heavy binge drinking. No not really, but we survived our trip in one piece anyway and learned how to deal with some situations that had me seriously worried and stressed before we set off on our trip.

Below are some resources that will hopefully help dispel some of your fears and apprehensions about setting off on a trip and make you realise that it’s really not as scary and daunting as it seems. If a simple minded shiny headed clown like me with no knowledge of bicycles and little in the way of basic life skills can do it, then you sure as shit can too!!!

Cycle Touring Resources


Warmshowers: No cycle tourist should start a cycle trip, without first signing up to Warmshowers. Warmshowers is a great resource for all cycle tourist. Not only does the warmshowers community offer access to a number of potential hosts, the forums are full of interesting and helpful facts and resources that will help with planning for cycling all over the world.

The Carbon Cycle: Crossing the Great Divide: A very informative and interesting read, about a cyclist/ environmentalist and her cycle tour, crossing the Great Divide, where she speaks to people about climate change and the challenges associated with it.

Richard’s Bicycle Book: Though a bit outdated, it is still a great read, with some great tips for cycle touring.

International Bicycle Fund: Promotes bicycle transportation, responsible tourism and understanding worldwide.

EZ Road Bikes:  Great source of information for cycle gear, especially if you’re more into road bike touring.

Road Bike Hub: A great blog shares lots of helpful information about road bike touring, accessories and tips.

Pinch Flat: Lots of useful info on bike maintenance and cycling/ cycle touring, and training.

Vilano Forza 4.0A Ultimate Resource for Bicycle Lovers!

BMX bikes tendUseful resources and reviews on all things bicycle-related.


Biking Across Canada: A great site to check out if you’re planning on cycling across Canada. You can even check out who else is currently cycling across Canada.

Bike Route Info: Created by one of our Canadian warmshowers’ host. The site has really good route trip notes from her cycle across Canada during the summer of 2015.

Canada Cycle Route Notes: Our in-depth route notes from our cycle trip across Canada trip in 2016. The route notes include, road quality, camping, wifi and anything else we thought might be useful. We also published the book Cycling Canada: Coast-to-Coast Trip Notes.

La Route Verte: Quebec has a well connected cycle network throughout the province known as, La Route Verte. This is the official website for the cycle network. The site has some good maps and route information, which is really helpful for route planning.

Trans-Canada Trail: There is some really good information on this site about the different potential cycle routes in Canada. Definitely worth checking out.


Minnesota Bicycle Maps: Useful and detailed maps of all the bicycle routes in Minnesota. The maps even state how busy the roads are (how many cars per 3 mins) and how wide the hard shoulders are.

Cycle Touring Blogs

Two Wheel Travel: Lots of info and “how to”‘s on bicycle touring. Definitely worth checking out.

Arctic Cycler: Cycle touring blog about cycling from the Netherlands to Australia. Also check out the Green Pedal movement – promoting the topics of sustainability and health in schools around the world!

The Wandering Nomads: Two bikes, one life, and the whole world to see. This blog has some stunning photos! Love it!

Pikes on BikesAnother blog with some amazing photos and lots of helpful info.

Universe With Me: Cycle touring blog by a Korean girl on a world tour – she’s been practically everywhere. Love this blog!

World Biking: This website has been running for over 10 years, so you can image the number of useful resources on there. They also have a very awesome cycle touring blog site, called Go Bicycle Touring, which has a whole bunch more resources and different blogs.

2Cycle2gether: What I love about this cycle blog is all the information about their Tiny House Project (sustainable house). Really interesting! They also have some great cycle related posts.

Travel Resources

Search Jobs Abroad: Awesome website for cyclists that are looking at working while cycle touring , or are after a working-break from cycle touring.

Airbnb: A good accommodation option! We love it because you can rent out an entire apartment for a quarter of the price of a hotel room. Sign up now to get $45 free credit! I always use this site for very last minute hotel or motel bookings. They have a price guarantee, so they are usually the cheapest option, and they are super easy to use. Get $25 of free credit!

On the Road Again: My other travel blog from various travels over the past 10 years, including our France to China cycle trip.

Yoga with Kelly: My new website, still in the development stages, but watch this space, there will soon be online yoga videos for cyclists and athletes, which you’ll be able to do anywhere in the world.

Balls out traveller: Travel blog about ‘out there’ and ‘crazy’ travels. Great read if you are looking for something different.

Couchsurfing: Similar to warmshowers, but for all types of travellers.

Smart Traveller: Though I wouldn’t say you should believe everything you read on this site, you should still definitely check out the latest safety advise for your cycle destination. It is mainly for Aussies, but it does have some useful information for all nationalities. If you are Australian, you can even register your travel plans. This site also has some good Travel Safety information and travel tips.

Nomadic Samuel: Travel blog with some great destination guides and articles.

That Backpacker: Another great travel blog worth checking out.

Backpacking Travel Blog: The name says it all!

Smiling Faces Travel Photos: A collection of smily photos and videos from all over the world, plus some travel tips and articles.

Expert Vagabond: Awesome adventure travel and photography, definitely worth checking out for some inspiration.

itravelnet: Travel directory

Travel Health GuideWhen travelling abroad, keeping an eye on your health and safety equals to enjoying your trip to the fullest with as few incidents as possible.

Do you have any great cycle touring or travelling resources? Please let us know.

Or, if you have a cycle or travel related blog and would like to exchange links, please get in touch at If we find your blog helpful, we’ll be happy to consider adding your link to our site.

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