Training For Your First Long-Distance British Cycling Tour

You’ll cycle between 40 and 60 miles per day during a long-distance cycling tour. However, if you’re one of the newer members of the population who have recently taken up the sport, then you’ll be used to covering an average of just 60 miles per year. As such, when you’re preparing to embark on your first long-distance British cycling tour, it’s essential that your body is physically prepared for the adventure that’s ahead.

Boost your all-round fitness

You use so much more than the muscles in your legs while cycling. When travelling on a bike, you’ll also use your gluteus maximus, biceps, and triceps. Meanwhile, your core will support you at all times. So it’s crucial that every muscle in your body is prepared for your first British cycling tour. In the weeks leading up to your trip, you should alternate between cardio workouts and strength-based exercises, as when combined, they will increase your overall strength and endurance. Ideal cardio exercises include cycling and running. Cardiovascular training is essential when you’re planning on cycling around the UK, as many of the cycling routes involve cycling uphill, so your heart will be pushed to the limit. Meanwhile, you should perform strength-based exercises twice a week, using items such as dumbbells and weights.

Interval training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to build up your endurance and strength in preparation for cycling around the UK. By doing short bursts of high-impact activity, your heart rate will elevate to between 80% and 92% of its maximum rate. In turn, you’ll build more muscle. There are many ways you can incorporate HIIT training into your long-distance cycling preparation. However, many cyclists swear by static cycling. This can be done using your very own stationary exercise bike. The best stationary exercise bike reviews at HomeFitnessJourney will help you source a bike which will allow you to perform static cycling for between 30 and 90 seconds before having a quick break and starting up again.

Fuel up

When you cycle at a pace of  12 to 14 mph, you’ll burn 346 calories in just half an hour, according to Live Strong. It’s therefore easy to burn off thousands of calories while you’re preparing for your big cycle tour of the UK. This means you’ll need to keep your fuel intake up in order to build all the stamina you’re going to need to make it through the 174-mile trip that is Hadrian’s Cycleway, or the 163-mile Fakenham to Harwich cycle trip. Carbohydrates will ensure your body powers through the toughest of cycle rides. Meanwhile, protein sources will keep your muscles fighting fit and strong.

You’re sure to feel nervous and excited ahead of your first cycling tour through the beautiful scenes of the UK. But to ensure that you maximise your full potential, you’ll need to spend the weeks and months before your cycle ride working on your fitness levels, building your strength and endurance with HIIT training, and consuming wholesome foods which will boost your performance.

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