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 France to China Route

Time: April – October 2014

Distance: 8,500km

This is just a rough map of the route we took from France to China. We started in Sty Foy (the French Alps) and cycled all the way to Urumqi, China. Google maps wouldn’t let me include a route in China, so the map only shows as far as Almaty, Kazakhstan. The total distance was 8,500km and took 8 months.


Canada Route

Time: June – October 2016

Distance: 7,000km

This is a map of the actual route we took across Canada. You can also check out our Canada trip notes for a more detail record of this section of our trip. We hadn’t originally planned on cycling the Maritimes in Canada, but we had a slight change in plan once we got to Ontario.

Canada Cycle Route

USA Route

Time: April/ May 2017

Distance: 2000km

From Halifax in Canada, we headed to the USA border and started cycling across the USA. We cycled 2000km to Buffalo, NY. Unfortunately, Kelly got bronchitis in NY and could no longer cycle, which put a bit of a dent in our plans.

Nicaragua Route

Time: May/ June 2017

Distance: 600km (mainly due to illness, and our constantly changing plans).

Originally we planned to cycle all the way to Argentina, but had a slight change in plan, and decided to end the cycle trip. You can read more about why in our article, Discovering you don’t want to be long term cycle touring.

Nicaragua map